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The evosound label is firmly established in Asia, and increasingly on a global level, as the home for fresh, high quality music productions, with an emphasis on emotive vocalists. Our recording artists include:

Kasia Lins, Connie Talbot, Susan Wong, Chlara, The Macs and  Julienne Taylor

Website: www.evosound.com


The evosound HD is focused on the distribution and marketing of high definition concert films on blu-ray and DVD, and the production of new concert films.

Our recent concert film productions include:

Air Supply, Connie Talbot, Susan Wong and Julienne Taylor

Website: www.evosound.com


evoxs is a newly established label  imprint, for the distribution and marketing in Asia of the best classic rock, hard rock and metal audio and video releases.

Our recent releases, distributed under license, in S.E.Asia include:

Mr. Big – Defying Gravity

DragonForce – Reaching Into Infinity

Aerosmith – Rocks Donington 2014

Website: www.evoxs.net


Through Evolution’s own companies, established in Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and the United Kingdom, and a network of licensing and distribution partners, our own recordings are distributed worldwide.

In Asia, Evolution Ltd. is one of the largest independent music distributors of international repertoire. In 2013 we had No.1 albums on various international charts in Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  We exclusively distribute, under license, key artists and labels across all genres in various Asian territories including:


Our publishing division is developing a pool of new songwriters, creating opportunties for the placement and promotion of the songs, and efficiently managing the worldwide exploitation of the copyrights through our Hong Kong, USA and UK companies, foreign sub-publishers and direct membership with various collection societies

Website: www.evopublishing.com


In 2013, Asia’s most successful independent music master licensing company, Beaver Music, was merged with Evolution. The synergy of Beaver Music’s 25 years of licensing experience, and Evolution’s expertise in international digital & physical licensing, and phonographic performance licensing and collection, creates a new and dynamic division within the Evolution Group.

We offer:

  • Synch licensing for films, TV and commercial use
  • International phonographic performance registration and collection
  • Album and single track licensing by territory

Website: www.evolicensing.com


Evolution Management Ltd.  is committed to long term artist development as part of Evolution’s holistic approach to working and investing in all aspects of our artists careers.

Website: www.evoartists.com


Evolution Ltd., and it’s affiliated company Evostage Ltd., undertakes tour management, booking and concert promotion within Asia.

We have booked, promoted and managed private functions, public concerts and TV appearances in China, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Philippines and Indonesia, for artists including Air Supply, Judy Collins, Connie Talbot and John Ford Coley.

Website: www.evoconcert.com

Website: www.evostage.net

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Distribution, Publishing & Licensing:
Evolution Ltd.
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Evolution Media (UK) Ltd.

Evolution Media (USA) LLC.

We are proud to be a part of the independent music industry and we support the collective interests of the sector, as a member of the International Federation of Phonographic Industries, Association of Independent Music (UK) and the independents’ digital rights licensing body, Merlin.